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Systems Management

Systems Development and Maintenance can be very expensive for some companies.  Maintaining trained auditors because of changing standards and attrition, limited knowledge of what a good system may look like, IT knowledge limitations...these are all reasons why Compliance Managers can audit more thoroughly, usually faster and with less intrusion on work that is billable.  Investigate the packages to the right or let us work with you to develop your current costs.  Call us at 1-800- JANSSON.

Once your current costs are agreed between Compliance Managers and your company, we will quote your systems management, usually providing at least 30% savings over what your current costs are.   Note that all links below take you to the online quoting system.

Audit Assist

We instruct your auditors by doing audits with them.  Showing auditors proper auditing techniques while they are performing audits is more helpful than most internal auditor training classes.  


Audit Completion

We perform audits for you documenting concerns and actions for improvements.  This is tailor made for the busy company whose audit staff is busy creating revenue and retaining customers.


Audit Completion with Corrective Action Assistance

In addition to Audit Completion above, we assist in problem solving and procedural changes, working with your personnel and is an excellent compliment to the audit completion discussed above.


Compliance Management

This grouping of services replaces your current audit system with a Compliance Manager who manages your ISO system for you including interface at your management review and attending surveillance audits with your registrar.  For the lean company that is required to be ISO compliant, but may not be staffed for the extra work, this program works well.

Design your own program

Sometimes potential clients would like to preview service costs prior to asking for a quote from us.  Go to this link to select individual services and customize your own service package.  Please read the  CMI privacy policy.

Call us at 1-800- JANSSON for more information.

To get an online quote, click below: